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“a concertina renaissance man…with an ear for the sublime…who has continually sought out the rarely illuminated corners where the concertina thrives” – ★★★★ The Irish Times

Featured as one of 12 Top Traditional Albums of 2016 on Tuairisc.ie


“At once elegiac and celebratory, this deeply affecting collection is as fitting a valediction as any artist could hope for” – ★★★★ The Irish Times

#10 on Jim Carroll’s (The Irish Times) 50 Best Albums of 2016



“Aidan Connolly’s debut recording, Be Off (RR009, 2016), is a model album in many ways, a sort of archetype of the contemporary tradition; Connolly knows his music, but more than that, knows how to carefully piece together a collection of sets to demonstrate this knowledge, and to appeal to the connoisseur” – The Journal of Music


“The tune is given plenty of air, showing off how well she has translated fiddle and other ornaments to the piano, never the easiest instrument on which to bring out the shape and feel of traditional tunes on – and while cascading triplets, rolls, and scads of cuts undoubtedly help this, it’s the phrasing, the emphases, the stresses, and the rhythm that catch the ear more than anything” – The Journal of Music

“With Imbas, they assert their confidence with their windows-wide-open approach to tradition in which they dipped their toes with an impressive eponymous release in 2013” – ★★★★★ fRoots

“The album really succeeds in giving space for the different musical voices and traditions which the individual group members bring to the table.” – The Journal of Music

“Cool-headed and even-handed, Ériú’s groove ultimately reigns supreme.” – ★★★★ The Irish Times

“… this seven-piece ensemble make a big, bold, beautiful noise – their new album, Imbas, is a stunner” – Derek O’Connor for RTÉ Culture:  ‘7 more reasons to be excited about Irish music right now’

“Imbas is an Irish word that translates as “creative inspiration”, and there’s plenty of it striking in the hands of the seven-piece band” – Release of the week – Nialler9

“Ensemble Ériu’s distinctive sound constantly express the band’s deep-rooted appreciation and love for traditional music while the band simultaneously seek to furrow new and intriguing paths in contemporary music circles.” – Mark Carry, Fractured Air

“On this exquisitely recorded collection, Ériu succeed where others have failed before by successfully entangling the repetition of Irish melodies with some of the tropes of contemporary, minimalist composition.” – Ian Lamont, Totally Dublin


Nominated for The Irish Times Best Traditional Album of 2016

A Featured Album of the Week on Lyric FM’s Blue of the Night.



“This solo debut from London-Irish fiddler Claire Egan is a quietly confident collection that comfortably casts a glance to both the past and the present, with nary a misstep in between…Egan’s inclusion of a short passage from a Bach adagio in G Minor is miraculously paired with Castlekellys reel is a spirit-shocking delight…Accompaniment on piano, bouzouki and bodhrán is perfectly pitched as well” -★★★★ Siobhan Long, The Irish Times


“What could be better than hearing the combination of these two iconic musicians. This is a beautiful and profoundly heartfelt recording that anybody interested in Irish music should own” – Martin Hayes

“A fine valediction from a musician whose fervour shows few signs of waning” – ★★★★ Siobhan Long, The Irish Times


“One of the finest Irish albums of 2013” – Jim Carroll, The Irish Times:

“Heart-swelling, surprising, fresh and beautiful, it’s exactly what I look for in music” – Nialler9

“They are an extraordinary band, big band, big line up, lots of instruments, lots of imagination, all sorts going on … they are something special” — John Kelly, RTÉ Lyric FM

“Very developed, soulful and meditative music from an impressive musical intelligence” – Tony MacMahon


“For lovers of sean nós, Saileog Ní Cheannabháin’s debut is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures. A muscular, confident debut” – The Irish Times



“It’s a masterpiece” – Donal Dineen

“This concertina recording is the highlight of the last decade or more. I hope they know that”
Tony Lawless, TradConnect

“With idiosyncratic tune choices, and traversing five octaves, Talty and Begley add an intriguing dimension to an instrument that revels in its top billing” – Siobhán Long, The Irish Times

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